Designer,marketer and distributor of authentic athletic footwear,apparels

equipments and accesories for a wide

variety of sports,fitness and swim activities




Our Vision

At B-PED nothing is overlooked in our pursuit to produce the finest sports,street and swim ready to wear possible. We source only the highest quality fabrics and finishings and use factories that are on the cutting edge of manufacturing technology.


Simple and carefully crafted to the most minute detail; durable, soft and supple from the moment they are put on; stylish without being subject to the vagaries of seasonal fashions, our products are designed with a sense of permanence.

Our construction process is intricate and unique for sports,street and swimwear. Our products are finished with a technique normally used on luxury products: the fabrics are sewn with a clean finish, providing a sleeker look and maximum durability.

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Our Construction


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