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Football Club & Youth Academy

powered by B-PED


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B-PED The Academy has the ambition to perpetuate itself in the discovery of talent in Cyprus.To achieve this goal, it is necessary to create a genuine network of partners.


This ambitious project can also become yours. Let yourself be carried away by this hope and join our partners!



                                                                                                                                            Yiannis Hadjicharalambous   President



We have been committed to develop a global football practice that is social and educational.We instill in all our players the notions of respect for the rules and respect for the other.


We will put in place a new way of welcoming our young public by promoting the fight against school failure.Thus, young people find a link between sport and school success.



Why become a partner?

Being a partner of B-PED The Academy is:

*Support a healthy and ambitious amateur sports club

*Support a Club with strong citizen engagement

*Give a young and dynamic image to his company (numerous events: friendly matches, youth tournaments, new player training, ...)

*Benefit from effective communication (at the local, departmental and regional levels)

*Benefit from tax advantages


Sport partnership, a winning partnership!

*An effective communication technique for companies

*Make the company known and reap benefits in terms of image

*Sport is media and friendly, ideal support to provide positive values to a brand

*Football is also associated with values such as sharing, team spirit, mixing and openness

*Create a close connection with our licensees, volunteers, managers and spectators

*Strengthen your network with our institutional and private partners


 The effectiveness of the sports partnership is almost 3 times higher than that of conventional advertising, which is often more expensive.



3 formulas to best suit your communication strategy

Being present alongside "B-PED The Academy" will bring you a real gain in terms of communication impact, enabling you to reach a wide audience through our many communication tools such as billboards, swimsuit marking and Shorts, or the various banner display areas on the Club's website.


Our different partnership formulas adapt to your company's communication strategy:



Invitations to Senior matches and club events

Your Senior stage advertising panel - length 1 meters

Cost: Financial allocation 500 € HT minimum

Modalities: Partnership agreement



Your logo (small) on equipment: jerseys, shorts, suits (to choose, to define)

Your Senior stage advertising panel - length 1 meters

Your logo at the foot of the page (FOOTER)

Invitations to Senior matches and Club events

Cost: Financial allocation 1 000 € HT minimum

Modalities: Partnership agreement



(Maxi visibility for your brand)

Your logo (big) on the official jerseys

Your  Senior stage advertising panel - length 2 meters

Your banner ad at the top of the website (TOP)

Your logo on each print media of the Club

(Photocall, press release, posters, flyers, invitations)

Invitations to senior matches and club events

Cost: Financial allocation 2 000 € HT minimum

Modalities: Partnership agreement


All our "Partner" packages are valid for one season (or 12 months)


In addition to its partnership offers, B-PED The Academy  offers different packages of advertising banners on its website which is seen by hundreds of Internet users each month.


Packages Banner ads

By choosing one of our packages (TOP, CORNER or FOOTER), you will benefit from the included creation of your banner advertising to the size of your choice for a period of 6 months renewable and one Click redirection to your website. You offer true visibility on the web.

A real asset for your advertising!


Pricing of our various web advertising banners (HT):

6 months

FOOTER (logo 200x70 pixels)

50 €

CORNER (banner 300x300 pixels)

100 €

TOP (banner 500x200 pixels)

200 €

The duration of your banner display is renewable



In order to provide the best possible environment for our young athletes, we need the help of all.

This assistance can be characterized in several ways (financial contribution, contribution of equipment, contribution of skills ...).


Beyond the tax advantage, the support you provide us can be valued through certain non-negligible aspects:

Building a positive image, the dynamic image of our sport will reinforce that of your company.

Internal cohesion reinforced thanks to this corporate culture, the employees of the group become the supporters of their team.

Achieving common goals within the company then becomes natural, as the challenge atmosphere induced by sports sponsorship encourages.


The teams of the company have learned to know themselves in a relaxed atmosphere, the charisma of executives will naturally be strengthened.


The themes and values we convey:

Sport and Education        

Sport and Solidarity

Social success